Safety doesn't happen by accident.

Everyone goes home to their family, every night. They are counting on us to be safe. So if we can’t build it safely, it doesn’t get built.

We do this several ways:

      • Safety presentation at new hire orientation to start off on the right foot
      • Training prior to stepping onto any site
      • Daily huddles and pre-task plans set the tone for the work ahead
      • Weekly ‘Toolbox Talks’ to keep the conversation going
      • Monthly ‘Think Twice’ poster that highlight one area to really focus in on for the month
      • Quarterly safety focused newsletters to report progress
      • Annual company-wide goals to stay focused on constant improvement

Jackson relies on each employee to work safely and hold one another accountable to our safety standards. Safety is not just one person’s responsibility. Everyone on the job site is responsible for the safety of themselves and their teammates.

Our safety team facilitates this company-wide program with the goal of continuous safety improvement based off lessons learned, leading indicators, and best practices.
"We want everyone to feel empowered to work safely."
Curtis Shuey Safety Manager, Jackson Contractor Group