Recognizing safety goes beyond that of a construction site - safety is a condition of employment.

At Jackson, Safety is always the #1 priority. We strive to achieve an exceptional safety record. For the past six years the performance of our safety program has been above industry average and continues to improve.

Our Safety Program encourages the participation of every employee. Before each project starts, the project team develops a site-specific safety plan based on the scope of work, logistics, and any site-specific precautions that are required  Additionally, site specific protocols are developed and specific hazardous activities are addressed, to ensure each construction site is the safest possible – from inception.

Each employee and subcontractor assigned to a project site is immediately enrolled into Jackson’s Safety Program. Everyone on site attends an orientation to familiarize themselves with the site-specific safety plan before they commence their work. This orientation includes “Code of Conduct” requirements for personal protective equipment, current construction activities, emergency contacts and routes, expectations of everyone on the site, as well as any unique hazards that may be encountered.

At each Jackson job site, each morning, there are huddles to review that day’s activities. Crews review the activities and preventative measures that are outlined in the site superintendent’s Job Hazard Analysis. Everyone on site also participates in our morning “Stretch and Flex” routine.

Jackson relies on each employee to work safely and hold  one another accountable to our safety standards. Safety is not just one person’s responsibility. Everyone on the job site is responsible for the safety of themselves and their teammates.

Jackson’s safety team of three employees facilitates this company-wide program with the goal of continuous safety improvement based off lessons learned, audit trends, and best practices.

"Jackson has excellent programs and procedures in place for their safety, quality control, project management, and other key corporate infrastructure that have proven very successful on our project. All contractors have such programs and they are touted in their proposals but few are applied effectively in the field and I have been impressed with Jackson’s follow through and commitment.”
Kelly Hudson, P.E. Dept. of Health, Facilities Manager, Rocky Mountain Labs