Build Safe. Build Right. Build Proud.

BUILD RELATIONSHIPS. Take care of each other. Create meaningful and long-lasting connections by leading with respect, understanding, and fairness.

OPERATE WITH INTEGRITY. Deliver what is promised. Be authentic, honest, accountable, and predictable in every interaction.

SPARK PASSION. Bring enthusiasm. Ignite creativity, inspire others, stay hungry, and make the most of every opportunity.

CHASE THE HARD STUFF. Meet challenges head on. Create win-win solutions for the best possible outcome through innovation, teamwork, and grit.

PURSUE GREATNESS. Desire to succeed. Inherently motivated to perfect our craft to achieve unmatched quality and strive for excellence.


"The school district has always been treated like a partner and always received “top notch” attention and consideration."
Doug Reisig Superintendent, Hellgate Elementary School