Build Safe. Build Right. Build Proud.


Everyone goes home to their family, every night. Everyone has someone that is counting on them to be safe. So if we can’t build it safely, it doesn’t get built. Jackson has maintained an industry-leading safety rating for the past several years.


We are accountable and predictable. We are in the business of building our clients’ reputations. Construction requires more mastery and attention than assemblage of sticks and bricks. Delivering what we promise – each detail, every project, every time.


Ownership of the end-product. As masters of their craft, Jackson employees take their work seriously. From estimates to framing, anchor bolts to finishes, there is care taken to get it right.


Our reputation depends on it. Quality isn’t just in the materials and craft, it’s also in sharing knowledge and expertise before construction begins, to ensure our clients realize the highest value. “Good” isn’t good enough. Jackson strives for excellence.


Honesty + Transparency = Clear Communication. Jackson’s honest and transparent construction management approach keeps everyone informed, every step of the way. Jackson uses state-of-the-art communication systems and project management software to ensure everyone is updated in real-time. Of course, technology doesn’t replace good old-fashioned, face-to-face meetings or morning field huddles.


"The school district has always been treated like a partner and always received “top notch” attention and consideration."
Doug Reisig Superintendent, Hellgate Elementary School