Jackson is professional, reliable and candid. We're also eclectic, fun, and dog-friendly.

Some things change:

  • Number of employees: from 1 to 10, to 100, 221, 340 and counting
  • Number of dogs in residence: from 1 to three, to four, to six
  • Our headquarters has evolved from a garage warehouse, to an overstuffed doublewide trailer, to a new steel and concrete building with an ICF addition.

Some things stay the same:

  • Our commitment to safety.
  • Good tools. (Have you heard about our switch to Kask helmets?)
  • Our newsletter, HOOKED, which celebrates projects, our people and their families, good things happening in our communities, safety tips, the latest fishing tips for our local rivers and a healthy dose of sarcasm and making fun of ourselves.
  • Our core culture.

Culture is tough to define because it isn’t necessarily tangible. In fact, culture often lies in the intangible. It is so automatic, so engrained in your being that you don’t think about it.  As hard as culture may be to define, we keep coming back to a few things:

It all comes back to safety: our commitment to safety sends people home safe every night. And when our people are safe everything else slides into place: solid relationships, quality work, on schedule, within budget, growing communities and opportunities.

We are always learning, adapting, and becoming better. We ask questions of everyone and expect everyone to bring their unique perspectives to the table to find the best solution.

A good plan is hard to beat. We know how to craft a plan and know that following the plan will lead to success on an individual, project, and company scale.

Just as a focus safety has a ripple effect so does pride in the day to day. If you can be proud of the things you did today, that can only build upon itself tomorrow and the next day.



"By their standards, we were a small project, but we always felt “important”. The work the Jackson Contractors Group did for us will make a big difference to our mission of serving the poor and vulnerable in our community in their time of need. For this we thank them! We felt they were on our team!"
Alice Gardner Providence Health Foundation