Jackson is professional, reliable and candid. We're also eclectic, fun, and dog-friendly.

It depends who you ask and on what day, but – 80% of the time, because the 80/20 rule almost always applies – if you asked a Jackson employee what it’s like to work here, they’d say, “We work hard and play hard.”

Some things change, like the number of employees: from 1 to 10, to 100, to 221 and counting, to number of dogs in residence: from 1 to three, to four, to six – and that’s just at the main office. Our headquarters has evolved from a garage warehouse, to an overstuffed double-wide, to a new steel and concrete building with an ICF addition. Someone said that couldn’t be done, or done well.

That’s two different kinds of structures – like apples and oranges – connected together. Both are buildings, but as you cross the threshold from one to the other they feel different, and they operate differently – one more efficient than the other. Call it an appange or an orangle (apple-orange). Jackson calls it home.

Some things stay the same, like our newsletter, HOOKED, which consistently features and celebrates at least one new project, our people and their families, how Jackson folks are contributing in our communities, jokes and humor, safety tips, the latest fishing tips for our local rivers and a recommended fly of the month. Bernie. Company values. Good tools.

If you ask Doug about the airbrushed artwork on the refrigerator, which a number of people have – with raised eyebrows – he’ll tell you, though some people may find it unorthodox, he’s not worried about conforming or maintaining status quo. We are who we are. That’s the underlying culture at Jackson. While the eyebrow raisers may not appreciate the refrigerator art, they respect the unapologetic authenticity of each Jackson employee. 

Interpolate that.

"By their standards, we were a small project, but we always felt “important”. The work the Jackson Contractors Group did for us will make a big difference to our mission of serving the poor and vulnerable in our community in their time of need. For this we thank them! We felt they were on our team!"
Alice Gardner Providence Health Foundation