Trench Safety for All

Prepared for the worst.

Any project we work on with excavation activity has the potential for an increased risk to our crew and the public. As a General Contractor we have a responsibility to ensure the safety of ourselves and the subcontractors working for us. Taking the time to plan the work and manage potential failures is the only way we operate. There’s a lot that could go wrong if the proper steps are not taken to prevent trench failures. The last thing we want to see is local rescuers on the jobsite after a trench failure. Anytime we can partner with local entities to gain hands on experience everyone wins.

Jackson Superintendent, Josh, partnered with the Bozeman Fire Department to do some trench training while we were building the Hyalite Residence Hall on the Montana State University. This was a great opportunity to give the local team some hands-on training and allow them to sue their equipment in a real-world situation. Bozeman Fire Department was able to utilize and gain hands on experience in setting up their shoring wall system as well as deploy their air bags inside the trench in order to extract an individual from a potential trench failure.