Girls Build Too

Teaching 'em young.

While our crew was building the University of Montana Champion’s Center, the crew hosted potential new hires…

…for the summer of 2027.

Yep, new hires for 10 years away from when we needed them. In a booming economy and thriving construction market, Jackson has been forced to step up recruiting efforts. With the help of Missoula YWCA’s newest program, GRIT (Girls Representing In Trades) and GUTS! (Girls Using Their Strengths), is the YWCA’s girls leadership program designed for young women ages 9 to 18. GRIT helps female middle and high-schoolers broaden their perspective of career options.

With days full of learning carpentry and welding skills, and simulating heavy equipment operation, groups of middle-schoolers have visited with Jackson for some real world experience on several jobsites over the years.