Fishing Report

Your one stop shop for the latest on the Bitterroot, Clarkfork, Blackfoot, and Missouri Rivers. Rock Creek too.

“Steelhead on the Clearwater are mythical creatures.”

“Crimp those barbs!”

“The MO is LOW.”

“Try a golden stone with a pats rubber legs dropper.”

“A dunking in these water temps is a serious matter.”


“Hoppers are still working and shouldn’t be ignored.”

If these statements mean nothing to you, that’s okay. We’ll still have a beer with you. Or a White Claw. Or a Coke. We don’t discriminate.

If you do make sense of theses phases, you’ll probably enjoy the fishing report that comes out with our newsletter and is written by estimator, and angler extraordinaire, Mark “Tabes” Tabert.