We Love Love

Stanley loves Iris.

The construction of Missoula College brought a unique opportunity, in the form of….a bird’s nest.

During preconstruction, when we walked the Missoula College site with Dr. Erick Greene, a professor of biology at the University of Montana,  we learned there wasn’t much research on the effects of construction on a pair of breeding osprey. We asked Dr. Greene many questions to make sure we understood how we could minimize our potential impacts to “Stanley” and “Iris”, the pair of osprey that called the Missoula College site on the Clark Fork River home.

Jackson worked diligently to limit the impact to Stanley and Iris. Our team superimposed the osprey’s breeding schedule over our pull-planning schedule throughout all phases of construction. Our Superintendent accurately predicted the date when Iris laid her eggs!

This is the level of detail our teams create to ensure we are thinking ahead, planning the project to meet the Owner’s goals, and using all available resources to create a successful project outcome.  And if we happen to become experts in osprey breeding patterns along the way, well…



Jackson Contractor Group is the company that is building the new college. They have been fantastic to work with - they have been meeting with us throughout the entire project, and they have worked hard to minimize the disturbance to Iris and Stanley. In fact, the large piles of earth they put up last year were to buffer the ospreys from the noise and hubbub of the construction. We met earlier this week to plan for this breeding season. In their central "command room" inside the building there is a really complicated timeline of all the various components of the building project. Overlying ALL the activities is superimposed the osprey breeding timeline!!! I was really impressed - the Jackson [Contractor] Group has planned many of their activities around the ospreys. I doubt that there are too many big construction projects in the world in which there is an osprey timeline over a construction timeline!
Erick Greene Montana Osprey Cams