A Place to Grieve

Little things mean a lot in a time of hurting.

While Jackson was working on the addition and renovation of Daly Elementary in Hamilton, Montana, a terrible tragedy struck the community.

From Daly Elementary School Principal, Nate Lant:

“This summer our school and community experienced the unthinkable tragedy of having one of our students killed when he was struck by a car.  With the timing of this accident occurring in the summer our staff felt we needed something for our community, particularly our students.  We decided to establish a memorial wall at the school along one of our fences where people could come morn together.  However,  during this time the septic tanks were being installed making it unsafe and near impossible due to storage of equipment, supplies, and equipment traffic.  In calling [Jackson’s Superintendent] Paul to discuss ideas he immediately suggested they set up fencing panels in opposite front corner of the property.  He moved a utility trailer and set up the panels in less than 30 minutes.  That memorial became home to some of the most sincere and raw feelings expressed by our community.  A few days later we held a balloon release for our students.  That evening they came to write messages or memories on balloons and release them.  We needed to access our field to have enough room for this event so Paul stayed well into the evening unlocking and locking the gate as well as making a safe route for families to and from the field.  The community was so grateful to Paul and his willingness to help our school through that difficult time.”