Construction Management

Demystifying frequently used construction management acronyms: CMAR, GC/CM, PreCon, CM, GC, GMP, COs, and RFIs.

It’s all about reducing our client’s exposure to risk. Predictably, the earlier a General Contractor (GC) like Jackson is involved in the design of a project, the more likely the project will stay on budget and within schedule. With more collaboration, and because more information is shared early-on, there are less Requests For Information (RFIs), which dramatically reduces the number of potentially expensive Change Orders (COs).

As a Construction Manager (CM), Jackson takes on the role of consultant to the Owner in the development and design phases. This could also be referred to as the Preconstruction (PreCon) phase of a project. If the Client has also hired Jackson as the GC for the construction phase, this type of contract is often  referred to as Construction Manager-at-Risk (CMAR) or General Contractor/Construction Manager (GC/CM). When a Construction Manager, or CMAR or GC/CM such as Jackson is bound by contract to a Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP), the fundamental character of the relationship is altered because the CMAR or GC/CM has taken on risk, and therefore committed to control construction costs to remain at or below the GMP.  If a project comes in under the GMP, the cost-savings are often shared with the Client, earning Jackson repeatedly satisfied Clients and design partnerships.



"Jackson completely raised the bar with regards to pre-construction services, project management, on-site supervision, and general leadership."
Andrew Allen Montana State University, Project Manager for Gallatin Hall