"Innovative and resourceful professionals providing positive construction experiences and creating proud clients, employees, and communities."

Our company mission, stated above, is fundamentally based in community. Not only in a charitable manner, but also in who we are as participating community members – individually and collectively. It’s true, the company as an entity is an active community member and proud supporter of multiple non-profits across the Rocky Mountain West.

As a volunteer baseball coach and avid hockey parent for over 20 years, Doug “walked his talk”, demonstrating to all employees that it is possible, even encouraged, to have work-life balance while working full time.¬† Over the years, Jackson employees have frequently pooled their time and money for the greater good. Missoula Food Bank & Community Center has been a consistent recipient of Jackson’s altruism with an annual food drive competition between all construction sites, delivering over tens of thousands pounds of food.

Each year, Jackson employees volunteer their time and rafts to Camp Mak-A-Dream participants so patients from all over the United States who are battling cancer can experience an outdoor adventure in Montana.¬†More recently, Jackson donated resources, and employees donated time, to build the new Crossroads Plaza at Traveler’s Rest State Park in Lolo. And the list goes on: Big Brothers and Big Sisters, Museum of the Rockies, Community Cafe in Bozeman, State of Montana Apprenticeship Program, and regular partnerships with K-12 schools to tour our construction sites so students can learn more about the trades.

Additionally, Jackson has a company match for employee donations to non-profits. As they are contributed, these donations are announced and celebrated throughout the company.

Let’s not forget the softball team at the Missoula office! They play in the Friday night, co-ed, adult soft-pitch league where the focus is on fun. Winning is always more fun, though. With two previous years of both summer- and fall-ball under their belt, they are currently undefeated in their third year. The team credits the winning streak to their increased fan base of family and friends who are always invited and encouraged to play, cheer and laugh along with them.

"In the past few years my partners and I hired Jackson to construct/remodel over a dozen facilities worth well over $20 million. In my opinion, much of this couldn't have been done had Jackson not decided to move to Miles City and set up shop. We are very fortunate to have such a highly competent contracting group that calls Miles City home. They employ around 20 Miles city taxes here....send their kids to school here.....volunteer their time for various non-profits both in terms of financial support and their time!"
Todd Steadman Owner, Double S Development