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Sustainable Building

USGBC Logo - Transparent BackgroundJCG has made a commitment to the LEED© (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification process. Our staff of LEED© Accredited Professionals understands the importance of utilizing various green building strategies in order to reduce energy costs and provide construction materials that minimize our impact on the environment. We understand that sustainable design is the future and we are committed to sustainable, environmentally conscious construction. JCG's commitment to green building is demonstrated in its new corporate headquarters that successfully achieved a LEED© Gold rating.

Prospective green building owners can count on the Jackson team listening to their ideas and making sure we collectively decide which green design strategies are acceptable and feasible for the project. We will work in partnership with owners to confirm that all construction practices used are able to be applied to the LEED© rating system. JCG is a member of the U.S. Green Building Council.

Projects designed and built implementing green building principles and techniques:

  • MSU Gallatin Hall Pending LEED Gold Certification
  • Billings Public Library, Billings, MT Pending LEED Gold
  • Missoula County Courthouse Renovation, Missoula MT Slated for 2016 completion Pending LEED certification
  • Old Faithful Haynes Photo Shop Renovation, Yellowstone National Park, WY Certified LEED Gold
  • Fairchild Air Force Base, Wing Headquarters, Spokane, WA Slated for 2014 completion. Pending LEED Gold Certification.
  • Garlington, Lohn & Robinson Missoula, MT Certified LEED Gold
  • Jackson Contractor Group, World Head Quarters, Missoula, MT Certified LEED Gold
  • Montana State Hospital Annex, Warmsprings, MT Certified LEED Silver
  • Rocky Mountain Laboratories, Building 7, Hamilton, MT Certified LEED Gold
  • Payne Family Native American Center, University of Montana, Missoula, MT Certified LEED Platinum

LEED Staff

Jackson Contractor Group, Inc. currently has five LEED Accredited Professionals and fourteen LEED Green Associates on staff with several additional staff members in the process of accreditation.