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General Contracting


JCG offers flexibility to meet an Owner's unique requirements. JCG offers the flexibility to accommodate an Owner's goals, objectives, constraints and challenges by tailoring its contracting approach to best serve each project's unique requirements. We offer a variety of contracting vehicles including traditional lump sum bid projects in addition to cost-plus a fee with a guaranteed maximum price.

JCG Provides Preconstruction Services So Your Project Gets Off on the Right Foot

Preconstruction services assist Owners in the planning and developing of their projects. JCG provides services such as permit research and acquisition support, budgeting and cost estimating in addition to alternative systems evaluation. In addition, we offer value engineering studies, constructability review and commentary, site logistics analysis and scheduling to help limit the Owner's risk of project delays and cost overruns while optimizing project value.
JCG has the scheduling tools in place to keep your project on schedule and on budget.

Scheduling and planning are an integral part to the successful delivery of a project. JCG is equipped with most sophisticated scheduling software and hardware and we are staffed to self-perform a significant portion of the project which enables us to better control the schedule. Each project's schedule is developed with the input of the Project Manager, Superintendent and key subcontractors and suppliers to reflect the most efficient and timely project logic and sequencing to meet the client's needs. Our in-house capabilities enable us to quickly adapt to changing conditions such as adverse weather, materials shortages, unforeseen site conditions, and Owner requested changes.

JCG Manages the Details that are Integral to the Project's Successful Delivery

Construction projects involve hundreds upon hundreds of documents. JCG uses an integrated project management software system, Prolog, to track and organize all paperwork flow on a project. The system allows instantaneous access to any individual document to support the project management process and facilitate the unimpeded progress of the work. It also allows us to keep the Owner and Architect informed with accurate, timely and consistent information.
JCG knows how to finish the job.

Closeout documentation including operating and maintenance instructions, copies of all warranties, as-built drawings, and other records are assembled and delivered to the Owner at turnover. JCG provides training in the proper operation and maintenance of building systems to the Owner's facilities staff.