Payne Family Native American Center

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Jackson completed the 30,000 square foot $6.6 million LEED project on the University of Montana campus in March, 2010. The exterior structure is a twelve-sided dodecagon, which represents the twelve tribes of Montana. Seven Native gardens were placed throughout the site, representing each of the reservations in the State. The building is the first LEED registered project on campus. Green building strategies were implemented throughout the building process reducing the structure's environmental impact.

The Payne Family Native American Center is the first facility in the nation built expressly to accommodate a Department of Native American Studies, American Indian Student Services, and the Tribal Liaison, positioning the University to continue its pursuit of excellence in Native American education. UM is a regional and national leader in nine different disciplines and areas—a testament to its commitment to provide a high quality, comprehensive set of offerings in Native American education. The building was given the last, prime piece of land on the campus oval—a focal point for the campus—underscoring its importance and the strong support of the UM administration. Fittingly, it is the site of an historic Salish Indian encampment, and the building is designed to reflect that legacy as well as the heritage and cultures of all Montana tribes.

Missoula County Courthouse

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Remodel of portions of the annex and courthouse first and fourth floors. Additions of generator building.


Phyllis J. Washington Education Center

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IN OCTOBER 2009, the University of Montana ascended to the national stage in the future of education with the opening of the Phyllis J. Washington Education Center. The 27,000 square foot addition to the existing building contains purpose-built instructional environments housing the latest technology in support of advanced curricula and teaching methods.

Reflecting Phyllis Washington's lifelong interest in education and passion for interior design, the UM alumna and former elementary teacher was instrumental in the vision and design of the Education Center and in the Foundation's leadership role in contributing $12 million toward the Education Center's realization.

The Education Center, which features tall glass windows and colorful architectural features, is in line with Phyllis's belief that aesthetically pleasing, balanced environments can be inspirational and uplifting.

The Education Center is also in-step with the current national emphasis on early childhood education. In addition to supporting research of national importance, the Education Center enables developing high-quality programs benefiting many Montana communities.

Besides training new and veteran teachers, administrators and counselors in current technologies, the Education Center provides an origination point for distance learning. Curricula and lessons prepared by education students are made available to rural Montana schools through internet technology. Rural teachers can attend training via teleconference, saving time and travel expense. Linkups with educational resources worldwide bring global contacts to all Montana schools.

The building includes a dedicated math and science methods classroom and an actual pre-school affording students and researchers practical experience in working with children. The facility also has media studios equipped for online teaching and course production.

"The Center will provide our future teachers, administrators and counselors with the tools to be among the best in the nation. The teaching profession is one of the most important jobs of yesterday and today and will become more so in years to come."

The new facility ensures that no child, or teacher, will be left behind. "As Americans, as Montanans, even as individual teachers we cannot afford mediocrity. We must be the best, Phyllis continued, "and here at the Education Center that will happen. This is just the beginning."

Dennis & Phyllis Washington Foundation, Media, Foundation News, Events, and Press Releases – Recent News, 10.26.09,

MSU North Hedges

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Jackson Contractor Group, Inc. has just recently completed a 74 bed, $6.4 million project at Montana State University in Bozeman, Montana. This project included private student suites, common areas, kitchenettes, and study rooms. Hedges used lean building construction practices and is slated to be certified LEED Gold. The drawings for this job were down with Building Information Modeling software which utilized clash detection to reduce on rework during the construction process. Over 20% of the materials used in the construction of this building were of recycled content and over 10% of construction materials were harvested and manufactured within a 500 mile radius from the project site. 


Malmstrom AFB Community Activity Center

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Jackson Contractor Group with designer Tetra Tech successfully turned over the Malmstom Air Force Base Community Activity Center to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers/Air Force on 30 March 2011. Jackson Contractor Group received an outstanding performance evaluation from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers for their efforts on this project.

 This new multi-use building has two wings radiating from a two story center structure for a total gross square footage of approx. 25,000. The North wing includes conference rooms, activity rooms, a lounge, a music room, an ITT room, and administration offices. The South wing contains an upscale bar and restaurant with outdoor patio seating. The two story center hall leads to large Great Room with vaulted ceilings to be used for a variety of functions.

The building components utilize numerous types of materials and finishes. The main structure is a structural steel frame. The exterior EFIS is accented with masonry wainscoting, hand peeled log timbers, and exposed timber framing all under a copper colored standing seam metal roof. Interior finishes include honey stained tongue and groove wall panels, wainscoting, chair rail and base. The main lobby is enhanced with exposed timbers, stone work, and wood panel ceilings. Flooring includes carpet, porcelain and ceramic tile complemented by a variety of ceiling and wall finishes throughout.

Garlington, Lohn & Robinson

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Jackson Contractor Group has completed the state of the art six-story, 51,411 sf office building for the Missoula, Montana office of Garlington Lohn & Robinson (GLR). The GLR project was awarded LEED Gold certification in June 2011.        

This new project, designed by OZ Architects of Missoula, is located in the heart of downtown Missoula on the corner of Broadway and Ryman Street across from the courthouse. The building consists of a full basement with an exercise room, locker rooms and storage. The 1st floor has several conference rooms with state of the art video conferencing. Also available on the first floor is approx. 2000 sf of retail lease space. The entire second floor (approx. 7700 sf) is available for lease space. The third, fourth and fifth floors accommodate the GLR staff with plenty of daylight extending around most of the building perimeter. Open offices fill the remaining areas within these floors. The sixth floor provides employee amenities including break areas, meeting rooms and access to outside patio decks that provide magnificent views of the Missoula valley.              

The building components utilized numerous types of materials and finishes. The main structure is a structural steel frame with a cast in place concrete basement. The exterior is accented with thin brick precast concrete panels, aluminum wall panels, brick and curtain wall glazing. Interior wall finishes include cherry veneer wall panels and base, cork flooring, carpet and interior glazing partition walls separating the private offices from the open office area.

For more information on the building’s specifics regarding the Gold LEED certification please go to



Billings Public Library

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The 67,900 square foot building,designed by Will Bruder + Partners, has been completed and the Billings Public Library is up and reading!  The current building will be demolished to make way for a 100-space parking garden. The entire project will be completed no later than June 2014.

Architect: Will Bruder + Partners (Design Architects)

Associate Architect: O2 Architects 

Structural Engineer: Rudow & Berry

Electrical Engineer: ACE

Mecahnical Engineer: ACE

Civil Engineer: Sanderson Stewart

Lighting Design: Roger Smith Lighting

Self-Performed Work: Excavation, Concrete Foundations, Casework, Finish Carpentry, Doors and Frames, Metal Lockers, Toilet & Bath Accessories, Furniture/Fixtures/Equipment Installation



Fairchild Air Force Base - Wing Headquarters

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The new Wing Headquarters facility at the Fairchild Air Force Base in Spokane, Washington, has been completed; the ribbon cutting ceremony was held on March 20th in Spokane. This project houses base employee and officer offices, conference areas, courtroom and common spaces. After completion of this project, demolition will start on the previous headquarter building. The Headquarters project includes a large amount of site and landscaping work and is slated for LEED certification.


National Guard Readiness Center - Miles City

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New National Guard Readiness Center for the Montana Department of Military Affairs. This $11.6 M project was constructed in Miles City, Montana. The project was the new construction of a 30,520 SF Readiness Center Facility, including vehicle storage, maintenance training, controlled waste storage, site improvements, access roads, parking lot, fenced storage and loading dock and ramp. The Readiness Center was constructed under LEED sustainable building strategies.

Architect: A&E Architects, Billings, Montana


Missoula College

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Missoula College is an 113,000 square foot, five level, "L" shaped structure with a daylight "river level" basement, and two roof level mechanical penthouses. Each floor is approximately 22,000 square feet. General construction will consist of concrete foundations, strutural steel, structural glulam, masonry veneer, metal wall panels, and TPO membrane roofing.

Missoula College has had the highest growth rate of full-time equivalent students of any two-year college in Montana, at 120%. The new Missoula College will expand capacity to approximately 2,700 students and house approximately 30 educational programs in the Applied Computing & Electronics, Arts & Sciences, Business Technology, and Health Professions.

Completed May 2017

Architect: StudioFORMA Architects

Structural Engineering: Eclipse Engineering, Inc.

Mechanical & Electrical Engineering: GPD, PC

Civil Engineering: Professional Consultants, Inc.

Landscape Architect: Kent Watson & Associates