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Design/Build Services

Design-Build Provides a Single Point of Accountability... JCG

Accepting total responsibility for the design and construction of a complex and demanding project is the ultimate test for any construction company. As your design-builder, JCG provides a single point of accountability for all architectural, engineering and pre-construction issues related to your project such as permit acquisition, utility authorization, systems analysis, consultant coordination, etc. This relieves the Owner of having to expend large amounts of time and money soliciting and supervising architects, engineers, specialty consultants, and contractors. Total responsibility is contractually in the hands of one party.

Design-Build Offers Other Tangible Benefits to the Owner

JCG's design-build approach includes selecting the best design partner based on your project's specific goals and requirements, developing the most cost effective and efficient project solution without compromising design aesthetic, performance or function, and implementing our systematic, collaborative, and interactive design management process.